Your Date

The feel of our date: I am a perfectionist, and this comes across in every detail from my promptness to the curation of our surroundings to the effort I put into looking beautiful for you.

I rarely drink alcohol and find that hydration, nutrition and movement curate happiness and beautiful curves. This translates into you meeting a radiant and positive woman.

My look: I am always beautifully put together, with tasteful hair, makeup, nails, lingerie and clothing. My tattoos may either be revealed or obscured in public as per your preference.

I prefer timeless looks over trendy, and want to dress up or down to impress you. I boast a gorgeous collection of heels, lingerie and stockings.

My luxury hosting location: If you choose to meet at my private location, you will find yourself in a light filled space surrounded by eclectic art, candles and sensual music.

We will have plenty of room to get to know one another before moving to the mirrored boudoir. You will have full use of a dedicated bathroom that is well stocked with scent free toiletries, towels, a shaving kit, and more.

Bringing me to you: I will always arrive at your upscale location discreetly dressed (tattoos covered should I meet you at your hotel) and respectful of my surroundings.