I dreamt of this demimonde for years before actually venturing into it. The mystique of being courted by successful married men has always aligned with my sense of female empowerment, and it has always been the biggest aphrodisiac. (Read this story about the affair I once had with my boss.)

At the end of the day, I am the charming and beautifully styled girlfriend who holds your hand in public, then unveils her exotic tattoos and plays your body like an instrument behind closed doors.

At once strong and soft, sexually giving and a master of my own pleasure, I offer a GFE steeped in genuine connection, seduction, experimentation and absolute ravaging.

I want to feel and taste the effect I have on a your body, and you ought to know that I have a propensity for edging a man with an incredibly skilled and well oiled hand.

The prolonging of pleasure is much a mental game as a physical one, and is something that begins well before we make our way to the bedroom; it sparks with our first post-screening email exchange. Our words will fill us with a smoldering desire as we count down the days to our date.

In the event that you find yourself daydreaming of a flavor a bit more adventurous than vanilla, please know that I offer a safe and judgement free space in which to explore your consensual desires. I welcome your ideas post-screening.

If you will allow me the pleasure, I will reach into the corners of your sexual psyche and open new doors in your mind.

Whether we first connect over dinner or in the boudoir, you will soon come to know my sweetness, sensuality and lust.

You will close your eyes at night and see the mischievous grin that permeates my full lips and the seductive spark that dances across my mercurial blue eyes.

You will feel my desire for you, even in my physical absence.