The World of Alyx

“Let me be a pop of color in your white collared world.“

Hello, soon-to-be love! I’m so happy that you are here, and that we are one step closer to sparking something inimitable. ☺️

As the original “Alyx with a Y” in Chicago, I have spent the last ten years soaking up every bit of pleasure from the intimate, adventurous and impactful relationships I have built with fascinating men.

So it is with a smile that I joyfully embrace our new year and the possibilities it brings! I’ve a system full of COVID antibodies and Pfizer vaccine, and possess an immense desire to build even more connections in Chicago and beyond.

You will find in me a level of optimism, empathy, seduction and playfulness that will both put you at ease and make your imagination run wild. You will kiss me goodbye at the end of our first date knowing that you have found a space in which you can be your unabashed self.

Best suited for white collared men who think outside the box, I am the mid-30’s amalgamation of my upper crust upbringing and my lifelong fascination with artists and libertines.

I have spent years weaving these threads together to create an adventurous bohemian life, and I am happy that you will soon be part of it! We will peel back each other’s complex layers as we engage in both a meeting of minds and an entanglement of limbs.

So let’s laugh and swap stories over dinner at a newly reawakened restaurant. (I know some killer out of the way spots!) Let’s throw on our masks and visit a museum. Let’s run by the lake before running back to my place and ravaging each other. Let’s follow those rabbit holes in our minds and untangle our  fantasies long unrequited.



36 years old (P411 age verified)

long red hair, fair skin, freckles

dark blue eyes, full lips

Scotch Irish / Cherokee