What services do you offer? Do you have a menu?

While I understand the desire to evaluate sexual compatibility prior to booking, I feel that what I do as Alyx is diminished by posting a “menu”. However, I invite you to do the following in order to gain the insight you seek:

Read my predilections.

Read my erotica.

Read my reviews.

After you are successfully screened, I would love to email back and forth about your specific desires.



What do you expect of me if I’m visiting you?

Please be communicative and alert me to any delays. Please arrive discreetly and be ready to adjourn briefly to your private bathroom after we kiss hello. It is pretty simple.



What types of clients do you see?

I see respectful men aged 25+ and am happy to visit with people of all races, ethnicities and body compositions. I reserve the right to turn someone away if they are under the influence of drugs or are drunk, or if they do drugs or drink to excess during the date.



What do you do to protect my privacy?

My website was built and is (offshore) hosted by a highly reputable agency that works solely for companions. Information submitted via my secure booking form is immediately sent to my Protonmail account. I delete your information / empty my trash folder after the successful conclusion of our first date.



Do you feel apprehension about being a “face out” provider?

I feel zero apprehension. My family, friends, and colleagues (in the fitness realm and beyond) know about Alyx. I screen thoroughly and keep a tight circle of clients.



What are some of your favorite things?

  • Brutalist architecture
  • Salvador Dali (I own an original, thanks to a client!)
  • Kurt Vonnegut
  • design challenges
  • donating to The Special Olympics
  • volunteering with hippotherapy programs
  • Cooking (primarily pescatarian)
  • Mystery of Time and Space
  • Vast swathes of music from Baroque to Leonard Cohen … from hair bands to this incredible group of musicians from Mali