My Girlfriends

I am delighted to know & offer duos with all of these wonderful humans!

SASHA STOLIN is my busty, curvy, blonde best friend! Experience the chemistry that can only exist between 2 real life besties! I love telling her what to do to men, and you will love telling her what to do to me! * wink * SASHA’S TWITTER

CLOVER SQUIRTS is my beautiful redheaded friend, singing into the hitachi. haha! This really tells you (mostly) all you need to know. Clover describes herself as a good decision & bad influence; chaotic good and queer as fuck. She is, in fact, kissed by fire and is one of the coolest humans you will ever meet! We are two peas in a pod. Down to earth, playful as can be, creative and absolutely into each other. Our first duo was centered around an elaborate role play and we absolutely blew his mind. 🙂 She is based in San Diego but travels regularly and is often in Chicago. CLOVER’S TWITTER

VIOLETTA MICHELLE is a tall, lean, incredibly fit and warm drink of water who visits Chicago regularly. I love this woman, and you will too! She radiates positivity and is an absolute pleasure in every respect. Her megawatt smile will immediately put you at ease as she makes you feel adored, valued and absolutely frisky! VIOLETTA’S TWITTER

AUDREY DAVIS and I share a love of men, fitness and life! (And each other, of course. * smirk *) Positive, kind, adventurous and wildly erotic, Audrey’s energy meshes perfectly with mine. Together we offer an experience that will sweetly push the envelope (should you wish) while putting you at ease AUDREY’S TWITTER

IRENE MUNROE is – in a word – devilish. From her intellect to her smile to her delicious curves, everything about this beautiful woman incites passion. She is curious and clever, engaging and disarming. She desires you as much as you do her. And oh how I desire her as well. (Additionally, we constantly run into each other in random parts of Chicago. It is too funny!) IRENE’S TWITTER

ELAINA AMHURST is another bestie. Gorgeous, intelligent, mature and sensual, she is one of a kind. She exudes taste and is well grounded, and she and I offer an erotic mature experience that will leave you wanting more! ELAINA’S TWITTER

MARA E. BLAKE is a delightfully devilish petite dancer and sexual nymph. Mercurial eyes and a fit, lithe body match her incomparable spirit. Together, we offer a sensual, erotic and mischievous experience that will keep you on edge. MARA’S TWITTER

TONJA WALLACE is a beautiful, free loving spirit and one of the kindest humans you will ever meet. She may have moved to another corner of the globe, but her presence is still felt and savored. I cannot wait to play with her again when she visits the states!

CHARLOTTE BREEZE & FELICITY HARTE are both AMAZING babes who are located in the Carolinas. I miss their presence in Chicago!