Silence, feedback & fucking.

“Come to me when driven by your lizard brain & searching for the atomic reset button.”

You may remember this call to action.

It was a staple of my ads and website copy for years, though I stopped using it when our world went sideways in 2020. I withdrew it upon realizing that we were all being driven by wildly frazzled limbic systems.

I’ve always been honored

by the way in which the men in my life entrust me with their vulnerabilities. For ten years, I have silently pressed my body against theirs and listened. Just listened to words of fear, stress, emasculation, bereavement, confusion, and existential crisis.

I’m often asked for my feedback and thoughts, and while always happy to convey them, I am equally content serving as a sounding board. I alway want to be the person that the man at my side needs.

In the wake of 2020

we find ourselves at the intersection of acute trauma and new beginnings. Things look exponentially more positive than they have in an eternity, but a little bit of the good ol’ fight or flight remains.

We seem to grapple with positivity, joy, gratitude, grief and “what if?” worries on a regular basis. 2021’s unique emotional cocktail is shared by the entirety of mankind, but men are disproportionally disallowed from articulating it.

To be perfectly blunt:

We humans went thorough some shit.

We all feel a lot of things right now, emotionally expressive men are widely maligned, and this is not okay.

Silence, feedback and fucking.

Come to me when driven by that lizard brain and looking for all of it, or part of it. Fall into bed with me and work though the stress and the weight.  If you allow me, I can be a catalyst for clarity and positivity. Everyone deserves to be seen and feel lighter. ♡