Gainsbourg, Birkin & Alyx

(Migrating this post from the blog on my previous website. Initially posted 1/24/2021)

Join me on the floor of a luxury hotel suite as I sip a Bellini-esque cocktail (shh – don’t tell my nutritionist or coach!) and explain to you my rather abstract dream celebrity threesome. It involves Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin & a time machine. I am a sucker for a good tumultuous and doomed-from-the-start mentor / mentee affair, and was inspired to ramble on about it by this twitter thread.

At a minimum, you need to take a look at these ^ photos (paying particular attention to the old lady & young man in the background of photo 1) prior to watching this vlog entry. And to truly gain insight into my love affair with their love affair, you should peek at this article.


DISCLAIMER: Some elements of my fantasy are completely born of my own interpretation of them and not at all based in fact. Hence my use of the word “fantasy”.